Breed Surveys

Recording fees paid to USCA for dogs 12 months and older:  $4 per dog

Breed Survey fees paid to USCA:

SV/USCA Breed Survey: $100

USCA Breed Survey: $25

Clubs may charge additional fees to off set the cost of the event.

USCA Only Breed Survey’s MUST be translated BEFORE sending to the office.  

NEW AS OF MAY 19, 2022

A quick reminder that for USCA breed survey, all dogs born after 10/1/2021 require SV a-stamp hip and elbow certifications (or other USCA accepted ratings). OFA is no longer accepted by WUSV countries and dogs born after 10/1/2021 can no longer have OFA certifications for our surveys.
For SV breed survey in our organization, SV a-stamp (or other certification accepted by SV) has been required since 2020.


This list is required for all SV breed surveys effective January 1, 2020.  This list must be completed and sent to Jody at the USCA office minimum 14 days prior to the SV breed survey.  Dogs not on the list, may not participate in the breed survey.

SV Registration list of Breed Survey’s

Breed Surveys