How to Register your Litter with USCA

Thank you for your interest in registering your litter with USCA!  USCA registration is fully accepted within all WUSV member countries.

There are 2 types of litter registrations – 


PLEASE NOTE: The SV-DNA requirement only applies to litters being registered born after 1/1/2022.  The cost for USCA/SV registrations is $52 per puppy, in addition to the SV-DNA certifications for each puppy.


**Please remember that both parents must meet all USCA/WUSV requirements in order to register the litter with USCA:

Required documents/items to register a litter with USCA only or USCA/SV:

Instructions on how to Complete all Required Documents for your Litter Registration

Report of Breeding Card

USCA Litter Microchip Tattoo Form

For Litters born after 1/1/2022, SV-DNA testing and paperwork completed by your veterinarian.

When you are ready to complete the online litter registration form, CLICK HERE