Dog Aggression

After incidents of dog aggression in a couple of trials in the spring of 2008, the USCA Judges Committee was tasked with presenting a policy that USCA will follow to address any further situations that arise. Aggression would be defined as a dog that bites a person or a dog that initiates aggression toward another dog.

The following will be the official USCA policy for dog aggression toward dogs and/or people:

1st Offense

2nd Offense

3rd Offense

The officiating judge at an event where an incident occurs is the sole arbiter of any and all decisions made concerning faulty temperament and actions that dictate any of the policy described above.

If a dog bite incident is sufficiently severe or there is reason for the Director Of Judges to believe that the dog represents a significant menace to the public, the DOJ may refer the incident to the Judges’ Committee, who may upgrade the offense to a second or third offense level. Any such increase in penalty must be approved by the Executive Board.