Form a Club

Please make sure when forwarding your membership list to the USCA office either at time of forming or at time of renewal, all of your club members are USCA members and hold a current USCA membership.

Please be aware that the contact information for your club will be what is listed for that member on his personal USCA membership. We do not have the capability to list multiple email addresses or phone numbers. In other words the city, state, email and phone number listed for that USCA member on his personal membership is what will show up on the website and magazine. If there is a special email or phone number used for the club, a request from that contact member will have to be sent for the change to be made. If the contact person changes, it will be the responsibility of the retiring contact person to correct his personal information by contacting the USCA office.
Any time club bylaw changes are made, a copy of the new bylaws must be submitted to the USCA office.

Please be sure to pay your club dues on time. All clubs will renew by June 1st of each year. Renewal notices will be sent out no less than 60 days in advance. The bylaws state that any club past due more than 60 days can be dissolved. If there is a problem, please contact Debbie Sweeney at the USCA office or your Regional Director. Please remember that all club renewals and any other correspondence is sent to the club contact. It is the responsibility of the club contact to forward the information to the correct person in the club.

You must send a check for club dues when applying for club status with USCA. Please call me at the USCA office to get the amount due. We will prorate your dues for you.

We welcome all of our clubs and want to assist you in any way we can. Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or your Regional Director.

Debbie Sweeney USCA Bookkeeper/Memberships

USCA Club Package
USCA Club Package