USCA Committees

USCA Bylaws provide for the creation of three types of committees: Standing, Special, and Appointed.

Standing Committees

The committees indicated below are permanent. All members of these committees are elected by a plurality vote of the General Board. The members of these committees shall elect a committee chairman unless otherwise stipulated in the Bylaws. All members of standing committees serve two-year terms and must be full members of USA.

The USCA President sits on all committees with the exception of the Board of Inquiry and Nominating committees.

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Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee shall audit the financial accounts of USA. The committee shall consist of three (3) persons. The Treasurer shall not be a member of the Auditing Committee.

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Board of Inquiry

It shall be the duty of this board to hear cases of alleged misconduct and alleged violations of USCA regulations.

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Breed Advisory Committee

This committee shall advise the board on all matters pertaining to the breed registry. It shall recommend criteria for administering the program including the breed standard, tattooing, registration eligibility. This committee shall be the keeper for rules of conformation shows and breed surveys.

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Judges Committee

The committee shall be responsible for the judges at all USCA trials. It shall be the keeper of the trial rules and regulations. It shall be responsible for the conduct of USCA judges. It shall recommend that a judges license be granted to persons who have successfully completed the apprentice judge program. It may recommend that a judges license be revoked for conduct prejudicial to the interest of USA. A decision to accept or reject the recommendation shall be made by the Board of Directors. Any judge whose license has been recommended for revocation shall be permitted to speak at the board meeting at which the recommendation is heard.

The committee shall design and implement a program to select and train apprentice judges, to see to the ongoing education of licensed judges and oversee the conduct of all apprentice judges and judges.. No candidate for the apprentice judges program, apprentice judges, or judge shall be a professional. That is, he/she cannot earn a substantial portion of his/her income by breeding, handling, training, or selecting Schutzhund type dogs. The method of determining the income shall be any reasonable means determined by the committee.

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Event Planning Committee

It is the duty of this committee to solicit and manage bids from local clubs wishing to host national events. It shall establish, maintain, and improve on application deadlines and processes. Further it shall assist in raising sponsorship money for the events and provide guidance to local clubs in advertising and community involvement.

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Nominating Committee

Consists of five members. The committee shall nominate a single slate of candidates for Officer, Directors at Large and standing committee positions in USCA excluding regional directors.

Helper Committee

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World Championship Committee

It is the duty of this committee to recommend rules for the selection of a team to represent USCA at the World SchH3 Championship for German Shepherd Dogs. The committee will also recommend sites and judges for qualification trials to the Board of Directors. The committee selects a person to act as team captain.

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Special Committees

Either Board of Directors shall have the authority to create special committees as deemed necessary. Such a committee shall be dissolved when the task assigned to it is completed. Election to a special committee shall be as determined by the creating authority.

Budget Committee

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Bylaws Committee

Reviews proposed Bylaws changes and presents them to the Board for approval.

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 General Education

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Youth Committee

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Magazine Committee

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Website Committee

RH Committee

Sponsorship/Advancement Committee

Tracking Committee