Waiver for Participation in Regional Championship for Laurie Coppola with Falco for Nationals 2016

EB #32-16

Motion:  by Don Yelle, New England Regional Director, seconded by Frank Phillips, Vice President, to waive the requirements to participate in a Regional Championship for Laurie Coppola to qualify for 2016 Nationals with Falco.

Background:  Laurie fractured her left shoulder and had 2 major tendon tears requiring surgery.  She had LEFT shoulder surgery on 7/13,  and then had the third stage of her RIGHT hand the following week.  This leaves her with no use of her left arm for 8-10 weeks and limited use of her right hand for the next 4 weeks. As Laurie will not be medically cleared to use her arm before the last USCA regional championship occurs (in any region) she is requesting a waiver for the regional requirement.  The spirit of the regional requirement was, to increase the support of the regional championships.  In the past she has more often than not supported USCA Championships with two dogs/championship.  She would again like to at the Nationals, so she is requesting a regional waiver for Falco.  Falco already has a qualifying score for the Nationals.
YES  17
Motion Carried:  September 5, 2016