Waiver for Phil Lassiter from Regional Participation

EB #20-14

Motion by Pedro Jimenez, NE Regional Director, seconded by Michele Scarberry, Secretary, to waive the requirement to participate in a Regional Championship for Phil Lassiter,in order for her to qualify for the 2014 USCA IPO3 GSD Nationals. Phil has requested a waiver from participation because of his dog’s recent injury. I am presenting his request for EB approval.


Subject: Re: Injured dog

Date: October 2, 2014 at 10:26:00 PM EDT

My name is Phi Lassiter, I am a USCA member and competitor. My dog and I were registered to compete in the North East Regional competition coming up this weekend Oct. 4 and 5.  My dog got injured on Friday Sept. 26 in a freak accident. He was chasing something in the yard and slammed into a tree injuring his shoulder. We took him to the ER that night and the Vet told us that he is out of action for the next  two to three weeks. I have to pull him from the Regionals next weekend. My dog has a qualifying score for Nationals, which we are planning to do providing I get him healthy. I am requesting a waiver so that I could still compete him in the Nationals. I can send you a copy of the Vets report to verify the status of the injury. I contact Pedro Jimenez and he instructed me to contact you. I will get a letter from the vet. ASAP and send you a copy.

Vote result: 16 YES (Jim Alloway, Frank Phillips, Michele Scarberry,Sean O’Kane, Nathaniel Roque, Karen MacIntyre, Mike Diehl, Deb Krsnich, Dennis VanderLinde, Jen Acevedo, Arthur Collins, Mark Hamilton, Scott Hedger, Dena McGowan, Craig Paulus, Mark Scarberry)

2 Abstain (Pedro Jimenez, Gail Kendall)

1 No (Claudia Romard)

1 No Response (Don Yelle)

Motion passed October 10,2014