Waive the 21-day trial notification for Aloha Schutzhund Club

EB Ballot #22-18

EB Ballot# 22-18 Waive the 21-day trial notification for Aloha Schutzhund Club

Motion by Carissa Kuehn, NW RD and seconded by Michele Clubb, Secretary, to waive the 21-day trial notification for Aloha Schutzhund Club’s September Trial due to complications from Hurricane Lane.

Background: Aloha Schutzhund Club originally had a trial scheduled for August 25, 2018. This event had been approved and was advertised to the region properly back in July. However, Hurricane Lane recently forced Aloha to reschedule the trial, and it has been rescheduled for September 15-16 (the additional day needed to work around scheduling the tracking field), as this is the date that works with their judge for the event. The club has an updated flyer ready to go. Because this was a necessary and unforeseen change due to Hurricane Lane, I ask that the EB waive the 21-day notification for this rescheduled trial date. This is a time-sensitive vote, so that the club can have as much time as possible to advertise the date change.


YES: 17 

President Jim Alloway, Vice President Vadim Plotsker, Secretary Michele Clubb, NBW Michele Scarberry, DOJ Nathaniel Roque, DAL Mike Diehl, Laurie Coppola, Dennis Vander Linde, RD’s Mark Chaffin, Don Yelle, Pedro Jimenez Jr, Carissa Kuehn, Hal Lymus,

Dena McGown, Mark Scarberry, Teresa Cowart, Chris Thompson and Debra Krsnich

No Response: 1 DAL Gary McGillivary,

Motion carried September 5th, 2018