Waive Regional Participation for the Universal Sieger Team

EB #13-15

Motion:  by Michele Scarberry, NBW, seconded by Sean O’Kane, Treasurer, to waive the WUSV Universal Team(s)’ participation at a Regional Championship.  The Teams participation in the WUSV show trial shall meet all the requirements for entry into the USCA GSD National Championship(s) beginning in the year 2015 and beyond.

Background:  Our rule already provides a waiver to the handler/dog teams representing USCA on the USCA-GSDCA  WUSV World Team and FCI World Team, that exempt them from the requirement to participate in a Regional Championship, in order to be eligible to participate in the USCA GSD National Championship.

This motion exceeds the waiver to include all handler/dog teams that participate in the WUSV Universal Sieger Show Trial.  This motion will lessen the burden of additional expenses on the handler/dog team by not requiring them to participate in a Regional Championship in order to participate at the USCA GSD National Championship.

VOTE RESULT: 16 YES (Jim Alloway, Frank Phillips, Sean O’Kane, Carolyn Daniel, Michele Scarberry, Nathaniel Roque, Mike Diehl, Dennis Vander Linde, Laurie Coppola, Ron Fox, Jennifer Acevedo, Pedro Jimenez, Mark Scarberry, Dena McGowan, Mark Hamilton, Scott Hedger, Don Yelle);

1 NFD (Gail Kendall);

2 No Reply (Chris Thompson, Craig Paulus)

Motion accepted: June 18, 2015