USCA will offer Lifetime Memberships for the cost of $4000.00

EB #32-13

Motion: by Frank Phillips, seconded by Sean O’Kane, that USCA offer Lifetime Membership at the cost of $4000

Background: The last time USCA offered Lifetime membership(s) at $2500.00 the dues were $60. Since that time, our dues have increased. Offering Lifetime Memberships again, even though we only sell a few each year, costs nothing to keep it available. There are no IRS restrictions/complications offering Lifetime memberships. 

VOTE RESULTS: 17 YES (Jim Alloway-P, Frank Phillips-VP, Michele Scarberry-S, Sean O’Kane-T, Nathaniel Roque-DOJ, Karen MacIntyre-NBW, DAL-Mike Diehl, Claudia Romard, Dennis Vander Linde,  RD-Jen Acevedo, Mark Gomersall, Scott Hedger, Pedro Jimenez, Dena McGowan, Mark Scarberry, Don Yelle) 1-No. DAL-Deb Krsnich 1-NFD. RD-Gail Kendall 1-No Reply-RD Mark Hamilton

Motion carried, November 29,2013