USCA Sponsorship For Highest Scoring Breed Surveyed Dog at a 2017 Regional Championship

EB Ballot #01-17

Motion: by Vice President, Vadim Plotsker, seconded by Dr. Dena McGowan, South Central Regional Director, USCA will sponsor a trophy for each Region, for the Highest Scoring Breed Surveyed Dog in a 2017 Regional Championship.
Background: USCA will spend up to $1500 total for ten (10) trophies for each Regional Championship, to be awarded to the Highest Scoring Breed Surveyed Dog at that Championship.   USCA should follow suit and begin the promotion of the surveyed/koer’d GSD
YES 18 (Jim Alloway, Vadim Plotsker, Sean O’Kane, Michele Clubb, Nathaniel Roque, Michele Scarberry, Mike Diehl, Laurie Coppola, Dennis Vander Linde, Gary McGillivary, Mark Scarberry, Don Yelle, Pedro Jimenez Jr, Carissa Kuehn, Hal Lymus, Dr Dena McGowan, Chris Thompson and Gail Kendall)
No Response 2 (Mark Chaffin & Debra Krsnich)