USCA Judges Committee Recommendation for Level 3 Dog Aggression Sanction

EB# 25-16

Motion: By Nathaniel Roque,  USCA Director of Judges on behalf of the USCA Judge Committee, seconded by Sean O’Kane, USCA Treasurer, to support the USCA Judges Committee recommendation under the “USCA Dog Aggression Policy “ to impose a  Level 3 Aggression Sanction against the German Shepherd Dog “Cain vom Stephenhaus” USCA Scorebook # 32739 owned by Mr. Noel Hare, USCA membership #15033, due to unprovoked incident of aggression at a the 2016 USCA/GSDCA World Team Qualifier Trial.

Background summary:  In the obedience phase of the trial “Noel Hare and Cain vom Stephenhaus” were paired with “Beth Bradley and Fyte” during the heeling onto the field to report in to the judge “Cain” was about 20-25 ft in front of “Fyte” when “Cain” broke from the handler and proceeded to attack “Fyte”. “Fyte” attempted to avoid the fight by spinning and trying to get away and the aggressor “Cain” continued off the field. A USCA competitor then reached the two dogs and pulled “Cain” off of “Fyte”, at this time “Cain” redirected his aggression towards the member that grabbed him and for his safety the member “tossed” ‘Cain”about 6’ away and rolled as soon as “Cain got to his feet he continued to pursue “Fyte” into the spectator bleachers to continue the attack on “Fyte”. “Cain” was eventually stopped by another member who was able to yell/surprise him enough that he stopped pursuing “Fyte” and left the bleachers.  This incident showed both a high level of dog aggression as well as a display of aggression towards the person that broke up the initial “fight” and could have caused injury to anyone in the bleacher area. The dog was disqualified for aggression from the remainder of the event.

Based on the USCA Aggression Policy at the decision of the Director of Judges or the Judge Committee, a first or second time incident may be escalated to a more severe level of sanction depending on the severity of the incident and it is determined that the dog involved is dangerous to the public or other dogs or of a unstable temperament that caused the incident. The report of this incident and the supporting statements from the witnesses and those involved in it have led the Committee to recommend a Life Time Sanction due to its aggression and determination to continue the fight after it was physically broken away from the other dog and chasing it into the bleachers/spectator area as well as the aggression towards  a member. This has lead to the decision that this is a dangerous dog that should not be involved in USCA events as it presents a risk to the competitors, public, membership and judges.

It should be noted that the handler was responsible and sportsmanlike in his handling of the incident and followed up with the other handler regarding taking responsibility for his dog, apologizing and responsibility for any veterinary expenses. This motion in no way affects the member “Noel Hare” from participating in any USCA event with another dog. He is a member in good standing.

VOTE RESULT:  Confidential

 YES 14

 NO   1

 NFD 5


Motion Carried: August 21, 2016