USCA Judges Committee Recommendation for Level 2 Dog Aggression Sanction

EB Ballot: #20-17

Motion: By Nathaniel Roque,  USCA Director of Judges on behalf of the USCA Judge Committee, seconded by Mike Diehl, DAL, to support the USCA Judges Committee recommendation under the “USCA Dog Aggression Policy “ to impose a Level 2 Aggression Sanction with additional requirements of the dog passing a temperament evaluation by the Regional Director, Regional Training Director or a USCA Judge during the final 6 to 12 month period of the sanction against the Dog “Rambo von Rohaus”, Micro Chip # 985112002245893 owned by Mr. Larry Caruso, USCA membership #24359, due to an unprovoked incident of aggression towards USCA Judge Karen MacIntyre, inflicting a bite to the judges arm immediately after receiving the critique at the completion of the track during the tracking phase of the O.G Indianapolis Club Trial on 5/27/2017.

The Judges Committee also recommends a formal letter from the USCA Judges Committee to the owner as a written warning regarding responsibility of handling a dog in a trial and around the public. As well as explaining to the handler that he will be responsible to schedule an evaluation of the dog’s temperament by the Regional Director, Training Director or a USCA Judge during the last 6 months of the suspension before receiving the dog’s score-book back and the dog allowed to enter another event.


YES: 16

NFD: 2



MOTION CARRIED:  June 26th, 2017