USCA-GSDCA 2018 WUSV Qualification Trial Helpers

EB Ballot: #06-18

EB Ballot: # 06-18 USCA-GSDCA 2018 WUSV Qualification Trial Helpers

Motion:  by Don Yelle, New England Regional Director, seconded by Nathaniel Roque, DOJ, to approve the USCA Helper Committee’s recommended slate of pre-selected helpers for the USCA-GSDCA 2018 WUSV Qualification Trial:

Dominic Scarberry

Brady Schnowske

Background:  Four (4) Helpers submitted their qualifications to be considered for pre-selection to perform the helper work at the USCA-GSDCA 2017 WUSV Qualification Trial.  After reviewing the qualifications of the Helpers, each Helper Committee Member confidentially provided the Helper Program Director/Committee Chair with their selected Helpers for the event.  The above referenced Helpers had the highest total number of votes.   The remaining helpers who were not pre-selected will be notified by email of such, thanked for submitting their qualifications and supporting the USCA Helper Program

Please do not vote on each Helper individually, this is a slate of candidates.  Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.


MOTION PASSED March 28th, 2018