Update USCA Compliance with WUSV Sieger Competition Rules

EB #19-16

Motion:  submitted by Michele Scarberry, NBW, seconded by Nathaniel Roque, DOJ, presented on behalf of the BAC (Breed Advisory Committee).  In an effort to maintain USCA compliance with the WUSV-Universal Sieger competition rules, it is recommended to change the verbiage of Section II, WUSV Universal Sieger Team Selection, and remove the WDC qualification.  The WDC will act to fill any vacant spot.

Section II  WUSV Universal Sieger Team Selection

CHANGE TO:  All Team members must meet the minimum qualification as established by the WUSV entry into the World Universal Sieger competition.  

i.e.  the dog must be Pronounced with a minimum of 80 points in protection at the USCA GSD National, receive a minimum show rating of G with Pronounced Performance rating at the Sieger Show.  

REMOVE:  ‘or the current year WDC  {The dog and handler team must participate in either the previous calendar year Nationals,or the current calendar year WDC}

Background:  The current Universal Sieger Team rules state:  All Team members must meet the minimum qualifications established by the WUSV for entry into the WUSV Universal Sieger Competition.   Only dogs which have been selected by their National clubs are admitted.  Dogs must have earned an IPO3 title according to the WUSV trial regulations, they must have received a show rating of at least ‘good’ at a minimum age of 12 months, and their pedigree must demonstrate the HD/ED “a” stamp or OFA.  The BAC has considered and voted unanimously to uphold these changes.


 YES 17 (Jim Alloway; Frank Phillips; Sean O’Kane; Carolyn Daniel; Michele Scarberry; Nathaniel Roque; Mike Diehl; Dennis Vander Linder; Laurie Coppola; Ron Fox; Jennifer Acevedo; Carissa Kuehn; Mark Chaffin; Pedro Jimenez; Gail Kendall; Hal Lymus; Mark Scarberry)

 NO Reply 2 (Chris Thompson; Dena McGowan)

 NFD 1 (Don Yelle)

Motion Carried:  July 1, 2016