Select location for 2022 USCA National Show

EB Motion #04-22

EB Motion #04-22 – Select location for 2022 USCA National Show

Motion by Heidi Theis, USCA NBW, seconded by Michele Clubb, Secretary, to select the location for the 2022 USCA National Show.


#1 – Kenosha, WI

#2 – Matteson, IL

Background:  Jorry Heinrich-Rode of Premier Planning Partners, Inc. located two possible locations for the 2022 USCA National Show.  The BAC was unable to find a club that was willing to co-host the event.

The BAC reviewed the two options and feel location #1, Kenosha, WI is the better location due to possible fines that can be placed on USCA if location 2 is used and handlers do not pick up after their dogs.

Please vote Location 1 or Location 2 – voting is confidential

Location 1 Kenosha, WI

    – location is very cost effective

    – venue will do many extras, such as food, tents, porta potties (this will be helpful/crucial without hosting club)

    – open area, not near residential homes

    – Jorry has additional hotel info that is really promising (**added text below the e-ballot)

Location 2 Matteson, IL

    – location is a lot more expensive

    – USCA will be fined for dog owners not picking up after their dogs – if something is missed, this is a huge negative

    – we would need to provide food

    – this location is bordered by residential homes that may not appreciate barking dogs for 3 days