Requirements for entering USCA GSD National Championships

EB #22-14

Motion by Frank Phillips, VP, seconded by Michele Scarberry, NBW, starting with the 2014 GSD National Championships and continuing forward, all entries to the USCA GSD National Championship must achieve a score of 270 + pts attained at any USCA sanctioned event, starting with the previous year’s GSD National Championship. In addition, the dog/handler team must also show at either a Regional Championship or the WUSV Qualification trial, making them eligible to enter the Nationals.

Background In an attempt to simplify the eligibility requirements to enter the USCA GSD National Championship, and to lessen the burden of required participation in three Championships.

Vote result:  17 Yes (Jim Alloway, Frank Phillips, Sean O’Kane, Carolyn Daniel, Michele Scarberry, Nathaniel Roque, Laurie Coppola, Mike Diehl, Ron Fox, Dennis Vander Linde, Jen Acevedo, Arthur Collins, Mark Hamilton, Scott Hedger, Pedro Jimenez, Craig Paulus, Don Yelle)

1 Need Further Discussion (Gail Kendall)

2 No Reply (Dena McGowan, Mark Scarberry).

Motion carried:  December 6, 2014