Request to Appeal The Approval of an EAF For Summit Working Dog Club

EB Ballot #14-18

EB Ballot #14-18 Request to Appeal The Approval of an EAF For Summit Working Dog Club

Motion by Michele Clubb, Secretary, on behalf of Cascade Schutzhund Verein and second by Vadim Plotsker, Vice President, request to appeal the approval of an EAF for Summit Working Dog Club by RD Hal Lymus.


Cascade Schutzhund Verein requested and was granted the ability to belong to a region outside their geographical boarders in May 2013.

The Executive Board approved a motion on March 14, 2016 (EB # 07-16 Club Regional Affiliation Status see attached for motion) that outlines the “Special Exceptions” to allow clubs to maintain their status outside of their geographical boarders.  This motion also sets guidelines on a club that has been moved outside of their geographical boarders that they must follow when it comes to Event Authorizations and notifications to clubs within their physical geographical boarders.

Nia Cottrell contacted myself on May 30, 2018 via email (see attached) and requested the Executive Board appeal PNW RD Hal Lymus approval for a trial by Summit Working Dog Club scheduled for October 13, 2018 as it conflicts with Cascade Schutzhund Verein trial the same weekend.  Cascade Schutzhund Verein trial was submitted and approved by MER RD Mark Scarberry on or about October 11, 2016 (see attached EAF from website with date it was submitted).

In Ms. Cottrell email she states Cascade Schutzhund Verein submitted their trial request in 2015.  While checking the website for EAF’s I do find one that was submitted in 2015 however from what I can see it  was never published and does not have an event number assigned.  The event currently published on the website is the only one I can see that was approved and published and the event numbers do match, and that event was approved/published on October 11, 2016.

Per EB# 07-16 subsection 6.3 Cascade Schutzhund Verein had ten days to advise their geographical RD of the approved EAF from her RD. As of today Ms. Cottrell has not provided proof this was done.

It should also be noted that I have checked both PNW Regional Guidelines and MER Regional Guidelines and neither have a rule that states only one event can be hosted on the same weekend in the respected regions.

As per Ms. Cottrell’s request I am submitting her request for appeal of Summit Working Dog’s approved trial to the Executive Board.

First Emails From Nia

Second Set of Emails From Nia

RD Hal Lymus Statement

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