Niagra Frontier Bid for 2017 WDC

EB #25-17

Motion submitted by: Hal Lymus, PNW RD, on behalf of the NEC, and seconded by Dena McGowan, SW RD, to approve the bid from Niagra Frontier WDC to host the 2017 Working Dog Championships in Lancaster, NY.

Background: This was the only bid received for the event. The NEC approves the venue. This club has successfully hosted 3 Regional, 1 National, and 1 Qualification event in the past. All events were considered by many to be some of the most competitor friendly, well-run events in USCA history.


Proposed Date: May 5-7, 2017

Host: Niagra Frontier WDC

Venue: Lancaster, NY

Judges: TBD


YES 20 Unanimous
Motion Carried: Monday, August 15, 2016