Judges Release Fees for non USCA Events

EB #22-16

Motion for Judges Release Fees for non USCA Events Motion submitted by Nathaniel Roque, DOJ,and seconded by Sean OKane, Treasurer.

Increase the current USCA Judges Release fee for non USCA events / organizations from the present amount of $50.00 for club events and $100.00 for championships to $100.00 for club events and $200.00 for Championships effective immediately for any new requests.

Background: USCA implemented this fee a few years ago to help distribute the cost that USCA spends to maintain our judges skills and education. This increase also helps to offset the loss of the use of one of our judges for a potential USCA event. The  cost of our yearly Judges College has increased with more judges attending and travel costs increasing. This fee helps to offset what USCA invests into our judges education and should be contributed to by any organization or club that obtains our judges for their events.

Our USCA judges attend a yearly 2-3 day meeting and education seminar as well as 3-6 phone conference meeting including continuing education reviews and a yearly test to maintain the highest level of current knowledge and consistency. This is funded by USCA.

The current SV release fee is 150 eu ( $165) plus the high cost of travel and lodging for a SV judge.

USCA judges titles are recognized internationally by all WUSV and FCI organizations. Based on the value of a USCA judges awarded titles and their availability, this increase in fee still makes using a USCA judge less costly than a foreign judge. All USCA judges will still have to have met the required minimum scheduled USCA trials before receiving approval from the DOJ to judge a non USCA event.


YES 20 Unanimous 

Motion Carried:  July 19, 2016