Judges for 2015 WDC

EB #23-14

Motion: by Nathaniel Roque, DOJ, presented on behalf of the USCA Judges Committee, seconded by Carolyn S. Daniel, Secretary, to approve the submitted slate of Judges, or a Judge individually, for the 2015 WDC.

Background:  After receiving input from the host club, the USCA Judges Committee has recommended and approved the following Judges for the 2015 WDC.

(Per the Performance Judges’ Program (Section 16G) we will submit the Judges separately in 3 ballots.  Voting shall be anonymous.)

The proposed slate of Judges for this event are:


Tracking:     20 Yes

Obedience:  20 Yes 

Protection:   18 Yes; 1 No; 1 Abstain


Motion carried:  December 12, 2014