2017 Funding Reimbursement for Regional Championships

EB #34-16

Motion:  by Gail Kendall, South Western Regional Director, seconded by Mark Chaffin, Mid Central Regional Director, to approve USCA reimbursement for for Regional Championships Expenses up to $1000.00 per region for fiscal year 2017.

Background:  To promote and encourage clubs within USCA to host Regional IPO Championships by helping fund them.  We believe by investing in the Regional IPO Championships and making them the best they can be, they will thrive throughout the United States.

Regional Championship reimbursements must meet the following requirements:


 YES 18 (Jim Alloway; Frank Phillips; Carolyn Daniel; Michele Scarberry; Nathaniel Roque; Mike Diehl; Dennis Vander Linde; Laurie Coppola; Ron Fox; Chris Thompson; Carissa Kuehn; Mark Chaffin; Pedro Jimenez; Gail Kendall; Dena McGowan; Hal Lymus; Mark Scarberry; Don Yelle

 NO   1 (Sean O’Kane)

 NO REPLY 1 (Jennifer Acevedo)

Motion Carried:  September 13, 2016