Executive Board Ballots 1987

Vote results reported as Yes, No, NFD (needs further discussion), ABS (abstain), or NR (no


Mail Ballot #2-94 (Use of WUSV-Licensed Judges)
Shall USA authorize the use of judges licensed by WUSV organizations located in the United States, Germany, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland?
Vote: Yes-19 (Paul Meloy/Patricia Cloar/Barbara Malcolm/Donna Rednour/Kay Koerner/Jim Hill/Steve Robinson/Vickie Bartley/Jack Smith/John Oliver/Michele Scarberry/Floyd Wilson/Tim Cruser/Mike Caputo/David Macias/Mark Przybylski/ Russell Osburn/Jim Elder/Doug Alexander), NFD-1 (David Wood), NR-1 (Gordon Esselmann).
Motion carried.


Mail Ballot 1994 (Late Dues Penalty for German Shepherd Schutzhund Club)
If the above ballot passes, shall the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club be charged a penalty of $25, with the full membership status not being in effect until the full amount of the dues and the penalty are paid.
Vote: Yes-13 (Gordon Esselmann/Sara Hitchens/Stephanie Dunion/Charles Norton/David Wood/Tim Cruser/ Donna Rednour/Jack Smith), No-2 (Paul Meloy/Kay Koerner/Mike Caputo), NFD-2 (Peggy Hintz/George Shumaker/Steve Robinson/Floyd Wilson/John Oliver), NR-3 (Debra Krsnich/Mark Przybylski/Russell Osburn/David Macias/Marty Leggett).
Motion carried.


Mail Ballot 1994 (Late Dues from German Shepherd Schutzhund Club)
Shall the dues of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club be accepted late and the club remain a full member in the United Schutzhund Clubs of America as per letter from Jack Smith.
Vote: Yes-13 (Paul Meloy/Gordon Esselmann/Stephanie Dunion/Kay Koerner/Charles Norton/Steve Robinson/David Wood/ Tim Cruser/Donna Rednour/Mark Przybylski/Mike Caputo/John Oliver/Jack Smith),
No-2 (Sara Hitchens/George Shumaker), NFD-2 (Peggy Hintz/Floyd Wilson), NR-4 (Debra Krsnich/Russell Osburn/David Macias/Marty Leggett).
Motion carried.


Executive Board Ballots - 1994
Executive Board Ballots - 1994