Eliminate the WDC as a qualification trial for USCA Nationals

EB Ballot# 30-18

EB Ballot# 30-18 Eliminate the WDC as a qualification trial for USCA Nationals

Motion by Mark Scarberry, MER RD, seconded by Don Yelle, NER RD, to eliminate the WDC as qualification for USCA Nationals.  The member/participant must attend a Regional Championship to qualify for entry into the USCA GSD National and achieve a 270 at any USCA sanctioned event.  (This motion supersedes EBM #18-17 & 22-14)

Background:  Participants who trail in the WDC are exempted from attending a Regional Championship.  Due to the exemption regions are suffering entry loss because of the WDC.


YES – 10: President Jim Alloway, Secretary Michele Clubb, NBW, Michele Scarberry, DAL Mike Diehl and Dennis Vander Linde, RD’s Mark Chaffin, Mark Scarberry, Don Yelle, Pedro Jimenez and Hal Lymus

NO – 9: Vice President Vadim Plotsker, DOJ Nathaniel Roque, DAL Laurie Voppola and Gary McGillivary, RD’s Debra Krsnich, Carissa Kuehn, Dr Dena McGowan, Chris Thompson and Teresa Cowart


Dennis Vander Linde:  The EB needs to understand the factors that influence regional championship participation per region. Also, the EB needs historical information on how many participants per region forego participating in their region’s regional championship by using the WDC to meet one of the qualification requirements to participate in the USCA nationals.  Our regional championships need to be healthy, as well as the WDC, and the quality of the dogs USCA sends to the USA WUSV qualification trial must be the best possible. Only with this information can the EB make a more informed decision.  Until then, regional championship participation should be the first priority, which was the original intent of including it as one of the requirements to go to the USCA nationals.

Michele Scarberry:  I recommend the WDC goes into a rotation schedule to lessen the hardships to effected Regions