Clarify the Regional Education Seminar Funding Policy

EB Ballot #12-18

EB Ballot #12-18 Clarify the Regional Education Seminar Funding Policy

Motion by Dena McGowan, SC RD, and seconded by Michele Clubb, Secretary, clarifying the Regional Education Seminar funding policy (EB: 25-13).


When the funding was originally approved the intention was that the regions could not charge USCA members in good standing, from their own region, a fee to attend the regional training event.  However, the wording of the ballot did not specify that clubs could not charge regional USCA members for their attendance.  This motion is to clarify that regional USCA members in good standing cannot be charged to attend the regional seminar if the hosting club is going to seek reimbursement from USCA.

In order to receive, reimbursement, clubs may not charge USCA members (from the region) who are in good standing, to attend and/or participate in the event. Clubs are encouraged to sell food, drinks and event memorabilia as a means of generating more revenue and offsetting other costs for the club.

The entire regional funding does not have to be used for one singular event.  If a region hosts a regional seminar and does not use their entire $1500 on the one event, the Regional Director can approve a second event to use the remainder of the funding for that fiscal year.

All other requirements from EB: #25-13 remains in effect and all reimbursements must be approved by the Regional Director with supporting documents showing income and expenses.


YES – 19:

President Jim Alloway, Vice President Vadim Plotsker, Secretary Michele Clubb, NBW Michele Scarberry, DOJ Nathaniel Roque, DAL Mike Diehl, Laurie Coppola, Dennis Vander Linde, Gary McGillivary, RD’s Mark Chaffin, Don Yelle, Pedro Jimenez Jr, Carissa Kuehn, Hal Lymus,

Dena McGown, Mark Scarberry,

Teresa Cowart, Chris Thompson and Debra Krsnich

MOTION CARRIED May 30th, 2018