Change the FH time requirement to enter into the FH Championship at the WDC (this motion supersedes EBM #20-12)

EB Ballot #02-17

EB Ballot: 02-17 Change the FH time requirement to enter into the FH Championship at the WDC (this motion supersedes EBM #20-12)

Motion by Michele Clubb, Secretary and seconded by Mark Chaffin, Mid-Central RD, any dog/handler team that competes in the FH Championship must have previously earned an FH at any time. This motion will supersede EBM #20-12 that required the FH to be earned within the prior 12 months of the FH Championship

Background:  The previous ballot narrowed the competitor pool down to a very few number of competitors. This ballot will still meet the intent of ensuring a base line of competency and ensure that the event still has sufficient entries.

YES: 20 
Motion Passed: February 2, 2017