Breeders Cup Program

EB #16-15

Motion:  by Michele Scarberry, NBW, presented on behalf of the BAC, seconded by Carolyn Daniel, Secretary, requesting EB approval of the revisions/changes to the USCA Breeders Cup program.

Background: The program was originally designed for large breeders only and did not support our smaller breeders who struggled to compete with larger breeders. The committee agreed that the USCA breeders award should be changed to include individually registered dogs. Previously, entire litters were registered when the process first started, then turned too expensive for breeders, creating a decline in the program with too many restrictions. Most large breeders ship their dogs off for titles and breed surveys and were awarded for solely breeding the dog; yet not putting effort into getting the dog worthy for points themselves. The committee intends to acknowledge USCA breeders for efforts in Owner-Handler-Bred-Titled/Surveyed.

Vote Result:  20 yes.

Motion accepted:  June 29, 2015