Bids for 2016 WDC

EB #22-15

Motion: by Frank Phillips, Vice President, and seconded by Carolyn Daniel, Secretary, to select the site for 2016 WDC.

Background:  USCA has received 2 outstanding bids from experienced clubs to co-host the 2016 WDC.  The 2 bids for consideration are from:  (1) Way Out West Schutzhund Club in California and from (2) South Michigan Schutzhund and Police.   Please cast your vote for only 1 club to host the event and provide the correct ballot number for that club that you vote for.


17 YES for South Michigan Schutzhund and Police (Frank Phillips, Sean O’Kane, Carolyn Daniel, Michele Scarberry, Nathaniel Roque, Mike Diehl, Dennis Vader Linde, Laurie Copolla, Ron Fox, Jennifer Acevedo, Chris Thompson, Scott Hedger, Pedro Jimenez, Gail Kendall, Dena McGowan, Mark Scarberry, Don Yelle)

3 YES for California Way Out West (Jim Alloway, Carrissa Kuehn, Craig Paulus)

Motion Carried:  July 25, 2015