Bid For 2017 USCA GSD IPO3 Nationals

EB Ballot #42-16

Motion Submitted by:  Hal Lymus, PNW RD, on behalf of the NEC, and seconded by Michele Scarberry, NBW,  to approve the bid from O.G. Indianapolis Club to host the 2017 USCA GSD IPO3 Championship in Indianapolis, IN.
Backgound:  O.G. Indianapolis Club has hosted the 1995 NATIONALS, 2004 H.O.T., 2008 AWDF CHAMPIONSHIPS and the 2016 USCA SIEGER SHOW.  Many of the members of this club have competed at all competition levels from club level to international level and therefore more than qualified to host this national event.
Event Location:  American Legion Hall
Hotels:  There are several dog friendly hotels ready to work with this club in support for this event.
Airport:  Indianapolis International airport.
Event Contact:  Mike Diehl – Club President
On behalf of the  USCA NEC, I fully support this bid to host this prestigious event.  More information will follow after planning stages for this event.
YES 17 (Jim Alloway, Vadim Plotsker, Michele Clubb, Nathaniel Roque, Laurie Coppola, Dennise Vander Linde, Gary McGillivary, Mark Chaffin, Mark Scharberry, Don Yelle, Debra Krsnich, Pedro Jimenez Jr, Carissa Kuehn, Hal Lymus, Dr Dena McGowan, Chris Thompson & Gail Kendell)
NO 0
ABSTAIN 1 (Sean O’Kane)
NO RESPONSE 2 (Michele Scarberry & Mike Diehl)
Motion passed:  December 18, 2016