Award USCA Probationary Judge Deb Krsnich a Permanent Full USCA Trial/Performance License

EB Board #05-20

EB Board #05-20 to Award USCA Probationary  Judge Deb Krsnich  a Permanent Full USCA Trial/Performance License

Motion: by Nathaniel Roque, Director of Judges, seconded by Michele Clubb, Secretary, to Approve a Permanent USCA Performance / Trial License for Probationary Judge Dev Krsnich.

Background: The USCA Judges Program requires the General Board or Executive Board to pass the motion to grant / award a USCA Judges Permanent License.  Since Deb Krsnich is eligible at this time the motion is presented to the Executive Board instead of waiting 10 months to the General Board Meeting, the GBM will still have the right to affirm this decision or request a new vote.

Deb Krsnich during her time as a probationary judge has exceeded her requirements and should not have to wait another 10 months to receive her Full License.

The USCA Judges Committee recommends the approval of a Permanent Performance / Trial License for Deb Krsnich.   She has met and exceeded all of the requirements as a probationary judge.   Deb has attended all Judges Colleges and been an active member of our Judges College Conference Calls and Reviews / Continuing Education Program. She has also volunteered her time to perform the long down judges’ duties and as a “bi richter” in tracking at the nationals.  She has met the required 30 trials in less than 3 years to complete her probation. In addition, she was granted a waiver to judge Tracking at the 2019 National Championship.

By all accounts based in part by email and phone calls from clubs where she has judged trials. their complements of her performance and additional follow-up and evaluation by the DOJ show her to be an excellent representative of USCA, a fair and correct judge with the skills and knowledge to uphold the standards of the USCA Judges Program.