Approve USCA Breed Survey regulations changes

EB# 02-20

EB Motion #02-20 – Approve USCA Breed Survey regulations changes

Motion by: Heidi Theis, NBW, on behalf of BAC and seconded by Michele Clubb, Secretary, To approve USCA Breed Survey regulations changes


  1. The SV is mandating that all dogs born AFTER July 1, 2020 have a Character Assessment Test (ZAP) to be eligible to enter an SV Breed Survey in the USA.  This proposal is adding this requirement to our Breed Survey regulations.

  1. Beginning January 1, 2020, the SV is mandating a new SV breed survey entry registration protocol. They will require a 10-day advanced notice for all SV breed surveys done in our country.  The USCA office will be required to submit a “Registration list of breed survey” form to the SV office on behalf of each club hosting an SV breed survey.  The USCA deadline for our clubs to submit their breed survey list to the USCA office will be 14 days prior to the event. This will give the USCA office a few days to make sure the list is sent/received and also to resolve any issues before the SV’s 10-day deadline. Because of this deadline, USCA will require event notification to the region to be 4 weeks minimum, not the current 3 weeks minimum notice.  This notice information is also included in this proposal as is the requirement to submit the list to the USCA office.

  1. The SV is allowing show ratings in the Adult Untitled Class to be used for the SV Breed Surveys in USA.  I have the written agreement from the SV office that says they allow a show rating from this class.  With so few of shows in some of our regions each year, I am proposing to allow a show rating in this class for entry into the USCA and SV breed survey. They are still tested for gun sureness in this class and if they are going for a breed survey, then they have passed a valid breeding title to do so.

  1. USCA has discontinued IPO titles.  IPO information proposed to be removed has a strike through and is highlighted in yellow.

All proposed changes are in RED font.



YES: 13 – President Vadim Plotsker, Treasurer Jim Alloway, Secretary Michele Clubb, DOJ Nathaniel Roque, NBW Heidi Theis, DAL’s Mike Diehl, Dennis Vander Linde and Dr Gary McGillivary, RD’s Debra Krsnich, Hal Lymus, Dr Dena McGowan, Richard Shook, and Teresa Cowart

NFD: 2 – DAL Alan Bartlson, RD Robin Ayling

No Response: 5 – Vice President Mark Scarberry, RD’s Mike Sweeney,  Don Yelle,  Pedro Jimenez and Diane Vegsund