Approve the USCA Judges Committee’s recommendation for charges against USCA Judge Zoltan Nagy

EB Ballot #24-19

EB Ballot #24-19 – Approve the USCA Judges Committee’s recommendation for charges against USCA Judge Zoltan Nagy

Motion by Nathaniel Roque, DOJ, on behalf of the USCA Judges Committee and seconded by Michele Clubb, Secretary, to approve the USCA Judges Committee’s recommendation for charges against USCA Judge Zoltan Nagy to impose a one (1) year suspension of judge’s license followed by a one (1) year of probationary license, effective immediately.

This recommendation is based on his conduct and actions that violated the USCA Judges Program Code of Conduct, Sections “B” # 1 through “B” #6, in multiple incidents during the course of the 2019 USCA Working Dog Championship from Thursday May 2 to Monday May 6.

Background: This decision for recommendation of suspension followed by probation was taken very seriously by the Judges Committee. All information was thoroughly reviewed and discussed over multiple emails and two (2) conference calls. The Judges Committee also requested an opinion from the USCA Attorney.

All statements regarding the incidents, including the original complaint filed by Jim Alloway on behalf of the Helper Selection Committee for the 2019 WDC as well as Judge Nagy’s multiple responses to the complaint, were reviewed and discussed. Due to Judge Nagy’s contention that there is a history of bias regarding Jim Alloway based on current and past encounters, the Judges Committee did not base its findings on any of Jim Alloway’s statements or his interactions with Judge Nagy. The Judges Committee decided this matter only on the facts of the complaint as supported by the other two (2) selection members of the Helper Committee.

In the course of this investigation, additional violations in the conduct of the judge were revealed and substantiated by independent witnesses. These additional charges are (1) Minor Conduct offenses outside the Judges Conduct Description; (2) Poor or unreasonable conduct; (3) Unsportsmanlike conduct. These separate offenses compound into a Level E violation resulting in a “D” consequence.

In order to protect the witnesses and those involved and to avoid increased conflict, the offences are described in only general terms.

The offenses established are:

  1. A statement made during practice regarding a competitor.
  2. Conduct at the Helper Selection.
  3. Conduct in public not befitting a Judge after the selection.
  4. Conduct in a meeting with the trial helpers showing no support for the USCA Helper Program and for the skills of one of the selected helpers for the event.
  5. A statement made at the judges table on draw night.
  6. Statements made to a volunteer during the event.
  7. Multiple violations of a judges conduct by way of statements made to a competitor at the event.
  8. An email sent to the Judges Committee and to a competitor which cast doubt on and questioned the final results of the trial and selection of the USCA Qualification Team.
  9. Breach of confidentiality of the email which now has been viewed by many members / competitors.

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