Approve the date change for the 2021 GSD Nationals

EB Ballot #04-21

EB Ballot: #04-21 Approve the date change for the 2021 GSD Nationals

Motion by Michele Clubb, Secretary, and seconded by Mike Diehl, DAL, to change the date of the 2021 GSD Nationals to October 8th thru 10th.

Background: Due to the WUSV Universal Sieger and IGP Championships being scheduled for Oct 30th through Nov 3rd, USCA needs to move our GSD Nationals to not interfere with members traveling to the WUSV.  

Please feel free to discuss this motion before voting


YES: 20 – President Vadim Plotsker, Vice President Mark Scarberry, Treasurer Jim Alloway, Secretary Michele Clubb, DOJ Nathaniel Roque, NBW Heidi Theis, DAL’s Mike Diehl, Alan Bartlson, Robin Ayling, Dennis Vander Linde and Dr Gary McGillivary, RD’s Don Yelle, Pedro Jimenez, Dr Dena McGowan, Mike Sweeney, Diane Vegsund, Hal Lymus, Richard Shook, Trisha Wicklund and Teresa Cowart