Approve slate of judges for the 2022 USCA Working Dog Championships

EB Ballot #02-22

EB Motion #02-22 Approve slate of judges for the 2022 USCA Working Dog Championships

Motion by Nathaniel Roque, DOJ on behalf of the USCA Judges Committee, seconded by Gary McGillivary, DAL and Judges Committee Member,  to approve the following slate of Judges for the 2022 USCA Working Dog Championships (WDC).

  1. (Tracking) – Andrea Dugan, GSSCC, USCA 
  2. (Obedience) – Vadim Plotsker, USCA 
  3. (Protection) – Thomas Lapp, Sv

Background:  Based on the USCA Judge Program Requirements the USCA Judges Committee has reviewed the applicants and USCA judges that are eligible to judge at the 2022 WDC. The Judges Committee unanimously recommends this slate of judges for the 2022 USCA WDC as qualified and able to provide an excellent and fair evaluation of each phase and performance.

It is the intent of the USCA Judges Committee to always provide the best-qualified judges for our championship events and always attempt to use USCA Judges as our first selection. This slate of Judges includes two USCA Judges that are not only highly qualified to judge a championship event but have actively judged over the past 3 years. Andrea Duggan has judged multiple championships at the national level. Vadim Plotsker has judged many large regional championships and has been selected this year to judge the Spain Nationals and the WUSV World Championships both events for the obedience phase. Thomas Lapp is a world class SV judge with many championships judged in all phases.

The Judges Committee may also appoint a Head Judge to be on site to oversee the event.  The Head Judge is TBD. The Judges Committee may also appoint a Bi Richter in at least 1 phase of the event to continue to prepare a larger slate of USCA Judges for Championship Events.  USCA Judges selection for “Bi Richter” in each phase will be made by the USCA Judges Committee based on eligible USCA Judges with the intent that they will be selected for future events.

(Per the Performance Judges’ Program (Section 16G) we will submit the Judges separately in 3 ballots.  Voting is confidential.)

The proposed slate of judges for this event are:

  1. (Tracking) – Andrea Duggan GSSCC , USCA 
  2. (Obedience) – Vadim Plotsker, USCA
  3. (Protection) – Thomas Lapp, /SV