Approve Slate of Judges for 2019 USCA German Shepherd Dog National Championship (USCA Nationals)

EB Ballot #19-19

EB Ballot #19-19 – Approve Slate of Judges for 2019 USCA German Shepherd Dog National Championship (USCA Nationals)

Motion: made by Nathaniel Roque, Director of Judges, on behalf of the USCA Judges Committee, seconded by Michele Clubb, Secretary, to approve the following slate of Judges for the 2019 USCA German Shepherd Dog National Championships (USCA Nationals).

  1. (Tracking) — Deb Krsnich, USCA
  2. (Obedience) — Robert Johantgen, USCA
  3. (Protection) — Frank Phillips,USCA 

Background:  Based on the USCA Judge Program Requirements and the Judges Committee, the following judges were selected from all USCA Judges that applied or were eligible to be considered for this event and have met all requirements as outlined in the USCA Judges Program.

The USCA Judges reviewed the applicants and recommends this slate of judges for the 2019 USCA German Shepherd Dog National Championship as qualified and able to provide a excellent and fair evaluations of the performances.

It is the intent of the USCA Judges Committee to always provide the best qualified judges for our championship events and always attempting to use USCA Judges as our first selection. This slate of Judges includes Judges that are not only highly qualified to judge a championship event and have previously judged championships as well as a new judge for “A” Tracking USCA Deb Krsnich who successfully completes a Bi Richter “ Apprenticeship at the 2018 National Championship in Tracking.

To be eligible for the USCA Championship Judges list, USCA Judges must have met all current requirements in the USCA Judges Program, be members and judges in good standing, have participated in all USCA Judges College meetings and continuing education scoring SG or V in all test materials and must have judged a championship event within the past 3 years or have successfully completed a “Bi Richter” assignment (similar to the requirement for the WUSV World Championship, completion of the “BiRichter” assignment will require that the judge evaluate all dogs in the phase of the event they have been selected for, be evaluated by the presiding judge to assure that they can meet the requirements of a championship, submit a report on the top 10 and bottom 10 dogs evaluated to the presiding judge and the USCA DOJ) in the phase they are being selected to judge within 18 months of being considered for selection for a USCA Championship Event.

The “BiRichter” Program will continue at this event for any qualified applicants, USCA Judges selection for “BiRichter” in each phase will be made by the USCA Judges Committee based on eligible USCA Judges with the intent that they will be selected for future events. At the completion of this event we will have a larger pool of national level /approved judges for selection at our future events and expect this will bring a new judge into each phase at the WDC and Nationals.

(Per the Performance Judges’ Program (Section 16G) we will submit the Judges separately in 3 ballots.  Voting is confidential and totals will not be posted -pass or not pass results only will be posted)

You MUST vote for each judge individually, not the slate of judges

The proposed slate of judges for this event are:

Ballot #20-18 (A)  Tracking — Deb Krsnich, USCA

Ballot #20-18 (B) Obedience — Robert Johantgen, USCA

Ballot #20-18(C) Protection — Frank Phillips, USCA