Approve Slate of Judges for 2017 Working Dog Championship (WDC)

EB Ballot #43-16

Motion: made by Nathaniel Roque, Director of Judges, on behalf of the USCA Judges Committee, seconded by Michele Clubb, Secretary, to approve the following slate of Judges for the 2017 Working Dog Championship (WDC)
Background:  Based on the USCA Judges Program Requirements for the selection and recommendation by the Judges Committee to the Executive Board for approval of a slate of judges for USCA national events. The Judges Committee reviewed USCA judges eligible to be considered for national championships. Taking into consideration the request by the host club and the goal to use only eligible USCA Judges that requested to be considered for the 2017 Working Dog Championship. The Judges Committee reviewed all eligible judges including the host clubs request of a SV Judge and voted on various combinations of judges for this event. Through an elimination process of discussion and votes by the committee a final recommendation for this slate of judges was passed by a majority vote of the committee. 
The USCA Judges Committee recommends this slate of judges for the 2017 Working Dog Championship as being qualified and able to provide an excellent and fair evaluation of each phase and performance at the championship level of competition. This slate of Judges recommends a new USCA judge at championship level in the Tracking (A) phase. The committee has approved a waiver to allow this judge (Zoltan Nagy) to be eligible for judging this championship while holding a Probationary USCA License due to his previous experience as a foreign WUSV recognized judge prior to joining the USCA Judges College. Introducing another USCA Judge to championship level events will help increase our pool of qualified, approved and available championship level judges for future USCA championships to be judged by all USCA Judges. 
(Per the Performance Judges’ Program (Section 16G) we will submit the Judges separately in 3 ballots. In the event of a judge not being approved the Judges Committee will recommend a replacement judge for that phase only in an additional Ballot. Voting is confidential please reply only to the USCA Secretary.)
Ballot #.  43a-16
A. (Tracking) — Zoltan Nagy, USCA – 
YES 15   NO 3  NFD 1   NO RESPONSE 1
Ballot # 43b-16
B. (Obedience) — Michael Caputo, USCA/SV– 
Ballot # 43c-16
C. (Protection) — Toine Jonkers, FCI Netherlands, / SV Foriegn  
YES 18    NO 1    NO RESPONSE 1
Motion Passed:  January 4, 2017