Approve Slate of Judges for 2016 USCA German Shepherd Dog National Championship (USCA Nationals)

EB #23-16

Motion: made by Nathaniel Roque, Director of Judges, on behalf of the USCA Judges Committee, seconded by Carolyn Daniel, Secretary, to approve the following slate of Judges for the 2016 USCA German Shepherd Dog National Championships (USCA Nationals).

Background:  Based on the USCA Judge Program Requirements as well as being approved and/or requested by the host club and the Judges Committee the following judges were selected from the USCA Judges that applied to be considered for this event and have met all requirements as outlined in the USCA Judges Program.   The USCA Judges Committee has reviewed the applicants and unanimously recommends this slate of judges for the 2016 Working Dog Championship as qualified and able to provide an excellent and fair evaluation of each phase and performance (Nathaniel Roque , DOJ recused himself in this selection as he is one of the proposed judges, the committee votes 4 yes ,0 no). This slate of Judges introduces 1 new judge moving from tracking to stadium in a national event and 1 new judge to the nationals in the tracking phase as well as maintaining a senior judge/DOJ to provide over sight for the event. Both judges Johantgen and Duggan have judged at the WDC and Johantgen has judges tracking at Nationals. This will help increase our pool of qualified, approved and available championship level judges for future USCA championships.

Voting is confidential.

Vote Result:  

Tracking-Andrea Duggan 17 Yes; 1 Abstain; 1 No; 1 No Reply

Obedience-Robert Johantgen 17 Yes; 1 Abstain; 1 No 1 No Reply

Protection-Nathaniel Rogue=18 Yes; 1 Abstain; 1 No Reply

Motion Carried:  July 23, 2016