Approve Money for Universal Sieger World Team

EB #12-15

Motion:  To approve $12,000.00 for the Universal Sieger World Team Travel to Italy.

Motion submitter by:   Sean O’Kane, Treasurer, seconded by Don Yelle, New England Regional Director.

Background:  We have 3 members in good standing that meet the requirements to attend this event in Italy.  With the event just weeks away, we are asking for help to offset travel expenses so these members can represent the United States.   We did not originally budget for this event and so the need for an e ballot exists.   We have supported this team in years past and will be proposing changes in the selection process moving forward.

Special Note:  We ask for an immediate vote.  They need to make travel arrangements immediately following this vote so if we can get them an answer ASAP it would be appreciated.  You will still have 1 week to vote if you wish but an immediate vote would be appreciated.

VOTE RESULT:  15 YES (Jim Alloway, Frank Phillips, Sean O’Kane, Carolyn Daniel, Nathaniel Rogue, Mike Diehl, Dennis Vander Linde, Laurie Coppola, Ron Fox, Jennifer Acevedo, Scott Hedger, Pedro Jimenez,  Dena McGowan, Craig Paulus, Don Yelle)

1 Abstain (Gail Kendall)

4 No Reply  (Michele Scarberry, Chris Thompson, Mark Hamilton, Mark Scarberry).

Motion accepted:   May 19, 2015