Approve Judges for the 2014 USCA GSD Nationals

EB #09 -14

Motion by Nathaniel Roque, DOJ submitted on behalf of the Judges Committee, seconded by, Michele Scarberry, Secretary, to approve the slate of Judges selected for the 2014 USCA GSD Nationals.

Background The Judges Committee has reviewed and approved the recommended slate from the host club, and has selected and recommends the following slate of judges for the 2014 National Championship.  

Vote Result: 17 YES (Jim Alloway, Frank Phillips, Michele Scarberry, Sean O’Kane, Nathaniel Roque, Karen MacIntyre, Mike Diehl, Deb Krsnich, Dennis Vander Linde, Jen Acevedo, Arthur Collins, Mark Hamilton, Scott Hedger, Pedro Jimenez,Gail Kendall, Craig Paulus, Mark Scarberry)

1 ABSTAIN, Dena McGowan / 1 NFD, Don Yelle / 1 No Response, Claudia Romard

Motion passed April 29, 2014