Approve Increase Of Trial Fees For Non-USCA Members

EB Ballot: #05-18

EB Ballot: 05-18 Approve Increase Of Trial Fees For Non-USCA Members

 Motion:  by Vadim Plotsker, Vice President, seconded by Nathaniel Roque, Director of Judges, to restructure the additional filing fees for non-USCA members or handlers who belong to a breed or sport club that is not a member of AWDC (American Working Dog Council), and enters a USCA club trial.  The additional fees are placed on all titles that USCA offers.  This motion will supersede motion EB #10-13.

Effective April 1, 2018, all non-USCA members or handlers that are not a member in good standing with a breed or sport club that is a member of AWDC, will be charged an additional $100 filing fee for entry into any USCA club trials.  Members of GSSCC (Canada) will be exempt from this additional fee.  This fee will be the responsibility of the non-USCA or non AWDC members entered in the local trial.  The fee is not the responsibility of the hosting club.


In a single year, USCA holds over 300 trials, numerous training, and classification seminars all across the United States.  Our trials are open to all handler/dog teams with an FCI recognized score book.  As a result, non-members derive a direct benefit from significant resources expended by USCA.  Currently the filing fee for a USCA member in a USCA club trial is $4 and a non-USCA member pays an additional $25.  The additional $25 is paid by the non-USCA member, not the host club.  Effective April 1, 2018 the fee will increase to $100 per entry for a non-USCA member who are not a member of a breed or sport club of the AWDC.  This fee will continue to be the responsibility of the non-member entered in the trial and not the host club.

The below chart is just an example and actual entry fees may vary.

USCA / GSSCC / AWDC Members Trial Fees

BH $50

AD $30

IPO1 $65

NON (USCA / GSSCC / AWDC) Members Trial Fees

BH $150

AD $130

IPO1 $165


YES: 15 – President Jim Alloway, Vice President Vadim Plotsker, Secretary Michele Clubb, DOJ Nathaniel Roque, DAL Mike Diehl, Laurie Coppola, Dennis Vander Linde, Gary McGillivary, RD’s Mark Chaffin, Don Yelle, Pedro Jimenez Jr, Carissa Kuehn, Hal Lymus, Teresa Cowart, and Debra Krsnich

NO: 1 – RD  Dena McGown

NFD: 2 –  NBW Michele Scarberry and RD  Mark Scarberry

 No Response: 1 –  RD Chris Thompson

MOTION PASSED March 19, 2018