Approve changed to the Universal Sieger Regulations Document

EB Ballot:  10-19

EB Ballot:  10-19 – Approve changed to the Universal Sieger Regulations Document

Motion by Heidi Theis, NBW, on behalf of the BAC, seconded by Michele Clubb, secretary, to update the wording in the Universal Regulations document.


There are some changes that need to be made for years 2019 for Universal Sieger and Siegerin and 2020 and beyond for remainder of team selection. Moving the Sieger Show/National Show to the Fall means our regulations need to be updated to state the Universal Sieger/Siegerin will be chosen in the same calendar year for 2019 and on and also for the remainder of team selection for 2020 and on. This will NOT affect 2019’s temporary team selection process previously approved and currently in effect (approved ballot #09-18).


Added proposal Information:

Proposed changes are in red and items that I suggest be deleted have strikethroughs.  One item I moved it’s location to place it before nationals since the sieger show happens before nationals in 2019 and beyond and that is in blue font.  An explanation why I moved it is in green below it’s original location and this green and any other green are only comments, meant to be deleted out of the document.

Updated Document


YES: 16 – President Vadim Plotsker, Vice President Mark Scarberry, Treasurer Jim Alloway, Secretary Michele Clubb, DOJ Nathaniel Roque, NBW Heidi Theis, DAL Mike Diehl, Dennis Vander Linde,and Gary McGillivary,  RD  Pedro Jimenez Jr,  Hal Lymus, Chris Thompson, Teresa Cowart, Deb Krsnich, and Dr Dena McGowan

No Response: 3 – DAL Alan Bartlson, RD’s Don Yelle & Carissa Kuehn