Approval of the Judges for 2015 USCA Sieger Show

EB #08 -14

Motion by Karen McIntyre, NBW, presented on behalf of the BAC, and seconded by Michele Scarberry, Secretary/MER BW, to approve the slate of Judges for the USCA 2015 Sieger Show. 

Background: Members of the BAC proposed eight (8) Judges to be considered for judging at the USCA Sieger Show(s).  The committee did determined that we [USCA] would utilize only conformation judges who are Koermeisters/Breed Survey Masters, and we will not use a judge that are strictly for conformation.  The committee unanimously agreed upon this fact, that to improve the USCA GSD, it is important to utilize only judges who are working dogs. Those judges will be utilized in the following years within a rotation schedule.  The BAC encourages our USCA Judges to apprentice under, and to work with these judges. The objective is to provide a standardized knowledge/education, and to address the interests of the USCA membership. USCA Conformation Judges/Breed Survey Masters will also be maintained within the rotation(s).  


Vote result: 20 Yes: (Jim Alloway, Frank Phillips, Michele Scarberry, Sean O’Kane, Nathaniel Roque, Karen McIntyre, Mike Diehl, Deb Krsnich, Claudia Romard, Dennis VanderLinde, Jen Acevedo, Arthur Collins, Mark Gomersall, Mark Hamilton, Scott Hedger, Pedro Jimenez, Gail Kendall, Dena McGowan, Mark Scarberry, Don Yelle)