Approval of pre-selected helpers for 2015 USCA Sieger Show

EB #05-15

Motion: by Michele Scarberry, NBW, on behalf of the BAC, and seconded by Frank Phillips, VP,  to approve the slate of pre-selected Helpers presented to BAC via the USCA Helper Committee.

Background: The pre-selected slate of Helpers were presented to the BAC for approval. After review, the committee approved the pre-selected slate of Helpers  The Helper Committee submitted the following Helpers in alphabetical order:

VOTE RESULT:  16 YES (Jim Alloway, Frank Phillips, Carolyn Daniel, Nathaniel Roque, Mike Diehl, Dennis Vander Linde, Laura Coppola, Ron Fox, Jennifer Acevedo, Arthur Collins, Mark Hamilton, Scott Hedger, Pedro Jimenez, Gail Kendall, Dena McGowan, Craig Paulus). 2 NFD (Sean O’Kane, Mark Scarberry).2 ABSTAIN (Michele Scarberry, Don Yelle).


Motion carried:  February 21, 2015