Approval of Judges selection for 2014 WDC

EB #03-14

Motion by Nathaniel Roque, DOJ, presented on behalf of the USCA Judges Committee, seconded by Michele Scarberry, Secretary, to approve the submitted slate of Judges, or a Judge individually, for the 2014 WDC.

Background: After receiving input from the host club, the USCA Judges Committee has recommended and approved the following Judges for the 2014 WDC.     

(Based on EB and Member feedback this year, we will submit the Judges separately in 3 ballots, you may cast your vote privately – directly back to the Secretary voting on each judge individually, or you may vote the judges as a group)

The proposed slate of Judges for this event are: 

•    Ballot #03.1-14   Tracking – Ann Marie Chaffin, USCA/SV

•    Ballot #03.2-14   Obedience – Frank Phillips, USCA

•    Ballot #03.3-14   Protection – Nathaniel Roque, USCA/SV

You may vote to approve the motion as a Group by replying to: EB Ballot #03-14 . Or, you may vote on each individual judge separately by replying:

Ballot #03.1-14  Tracking – YES or NO Ballot #03.2-14  Obedience  – YES or NOBallot #03.3-14  Protection – YES or NO


Your name will not indicate how you voted – to be published with the vote results, this will be anonymous

Vote Results: 18 -YES, 2 -ABSTAIN

Motion carried, February 13, 2014