Amend Event Notification Guidelines (this motion supersedes EBM #18-05)

EB #05-14

Motion by Frank Phillips, Vice President, seconded by Nathaniel Roque, DOJ, to amend the notification guidelines for USCA sanctioned events. Notification is to be provided to all clubs in the respective Region(s) three weeks (21days) in advance of the sanctioned event.  Event notices must contain the date, specific location, and time of the event; the judge for the event, the contact person’s name and phone number for information, plus a link to the trial entry form and flier. (*completed on EAF)

Any changes to the sanctioned event must be provided to all clubs in the Region via electronic mail, and/or digital communication, and posted to both Regional and USCA websites.

Event Announcement / Event Entry Form –> posted to USCA website

If a club is found to have hosted an improperly publicized USCA sanctioned event(s) it shall be reduced to affiliated status for one (1) year; and shall be required to meet all of the requirements once again to become a full member club.

Background: When the previous motion(s) were made in 1987, and 2005 regarding the requirements for publicizing events, the concept of digital comunication, Regional and USCA website(s) had not been established.  It is time to update USCA form of communications to include email, digital, and websites.  All USCA business is handled in this manner, and our membership has become accustomed to the utilization.

Vote result: 14 YES (Jim Alloway, Frank Phillips, Michele Scarberry, Sean O’Kane, Karen McIntyre, Mike Diehl, Claudia Romard, Dennis VanderLinde, Jen Acevedo, Arthur Collins, Mark Gomersall, Scott Hedger, Pedro  Jimenez, Gail Kendall ) 1 – NO. Dena McGowan 6 – No Reply (Nathaniel Roque, Deb Krsnich, Mark Hamilton, Mark Scarberry)

Motion carried, March 26,2014