Amend 2016 Fiscal Year Budget

EB #40-15

Motion: by Sean O’Kane, Treasurer and Seconded by Frank Phillips, Vice-President to amend the 2016 fiscal year budget by increasing expenses for legal council not to exceed an additional $25,000.00

Background:  Increase needed due to pending litigation.

VOTE RESULT:  18 YES (Jim Alloway; Frank Phillips; Sean O’Kane; Carolyn Daniel;  Nathaniel Roque; Mike Diehl, Dennis Vander Linde; Laurie Copolla; Ron Fox; Jennifer Acevedo;  Chris Thompson; Carissa Kuehn; Mark Chaffin; Pedro Jimenez; Gail Kendall;  Dena McGowan; Hal Lymus; Don Yelle)

2 Needs Further Discussion  (Michele Scarberry; Mark Scarberry)

Motion carried:    December 27, 2015