Add Long Coat Kennel Group to USCA Show Rules

EB Ballot: #06-17

Motion by Michele Scarberry, NBW on behalf of the BAC, seconded by Nathaniel, Motion to approve Long Coat Kennel Group to USCA Show Rules
Background: The BAC received a request to offer for the first time – Long Coat Kennel Group at the Sieger Show.  By adding this class we are offering more to our Breeders and membership.
At the BSZS; ALL dogs in a Kennel Group must be the same coat style. Breeders are allowed to present two Kennel Groups, one with stock coats and one with long coats.
The two coat styles (long coat, stock coat) are judged separately.
Below are the guidelines for USCA Kennel Group. Please note in italics is the new verbiage which will be added to our current Show rules. 
Kennel Group GuidelinesEach Kennel Group must have no more and no less than (5) five dogs that possess the name of the kennel. These dogs must come from at least two different mothers and two different fathers. Dogs entered in the kennel group must also be entered and shown in a regular class. The dogs must be of the same coat variety.  Breeders may enter more than one Kennel Group.  Stock Coat and Long Stock Coat Kennel Group will be judged separately.  The judging will be based on uniformity of the group, quality of the individual animals and the most possible combinations of parents. Eligibility when presenting a Kennel Group: You must be a current USCA member in good standing and the kennel name must be registered with USCA. Only one person may be listed as the breeder of a kennel name.  This is in accordance with the USCA Breed Registry Rules and Requirements.
YES: 19 (Jim Alloway, Vadim Plotsker, Sean O’Kane, Michele Clubb, Nathaniel Roque, Michele Scarberry, Mike Diehl, Laurie Coppola, Denise Vander Linde, Gary McGillivary, Mark Chaffin, Mark Scarberry, Don Yelle, Debra Krsnich, Pedro Jimenez, Casrissa Kuehn, Hal Lymus, Dena McGowan, Teresa Cowart)
NO RESPONSE: 1 (Chris Thompson)