Accept USCA Tracklayer Program and to Authorize Tracking Seminars as official events

EB Ballot #10-18

Motion submitted by Mark Chaffin, RD (Tracklayer Chairman) and seconded by Nathaniel Roque, DOJ, to accept USCA Tracklayer Program and to authorize tracking seminars as official events.

Requirements and background:

I present the new Tracklayer Program in the same light as the Helper Program. This program can replace USCA’s requirement for the mandatory trial every other year similar to the Helper Program.

The value of the Tracklayer Program is multifaceted. It is more inclusive to the USCA Membership compared to other programs meaning more members can take part in the seminar from the new member to the longest term member. The Tracklayer Program is conducive to building more information and education on tracklaying and creating a pool of qualified tracklayers for an integral part of IPO tracking.  Tracking isn’t just IPO 1, 2 and 3 it is also TR 1, 2, and 3, FHs (FH 1, 2 and IPO FH) and STPs.  All of which can be affected by, simply, a good or bad tracklayer.

At this point I have 7 qualified people stepping forward to become Teaching Tracklayers.

Thanks to Mark Scarberry for the bulk of this program and Carissa Kuehn for review and editing.

Tracking Program


YES – 19: President Jim Alloway, Vice President Vadim Plotsker, Secretary Michele Clubb, NBW Michele Scarberry, DOJ Nathaniel Roque, DAL Mike Diehl, Laurie Coppola, Dennis Vander Linde, Gary McGillivary, RD’s Mark Chaffin, Don Yelle, Pedro Jimenez Jr, Carissa Kuehn, Hal Lymus, Dena McGown, Mark Scarberry, Teresa Cowart, Chris Thompson and Debra Krsnich

MOTION CARRIED May 7th, 2018