Accept and amend the BOI sanctions regarding USCA Member Anjuli Kolarik

EB Motion #34-18

EB Motion #34-18 Accept and amend the BOI sanctions regarding USCA Member Anjuli Kolarik
Motion: by Michele Clubb, Secretary, seconded by Dennis Vander Linde, DAL to accept the BOI’s findings and amend the sanctions on USCA Member Anjuli Kolarik 
Amended Sanctions: Anjuli Kolarik is to serve a ten (10) year suspension. She will never be permitted to hold or seek any office in USCA and will remain on permanent probation status; this would allow permanent expulsion from USCA if she is ever found guilty of an animal related neglect, cruelty, or abuse charge in the future.
Background: BOI charges were filed against USCA member Anjuli Kolarik by the USCA Secretary for animal abuse.
After the BOI’s investigation, the BOI submitted their findings and proposed sanctions to the EB for final approval. See attached.
After the EB reviewed and voted on the original motion #27-18, there was discussion that the sanctions were not consistent with animal abuse cases in the past. The EB voted on motion #29-18 to ask the BOI to reconsider the sanctions placed on Anjuli Kolarik.
The BOI sent back a response to the EB (see attached) stating they did not feel that the USCA bylaws allowed them to reconsider the sanctions, but stated that the EB could amend them based on the USCA bylaws.
After discussions with the EB, it is recommended that the amended sanctions be presented to the EB for a vote.
BOI Investigation
BOI Response to EB