2016 Budget for Board Approval

EB #21-16

Motion:   by Sean O’Kane, seconded by Ron Fox, to approve the fiscal year 2017 budget with total income $612,826.20 and total expenses of $611,808.00 (including taxes), and net income of $1,018.20


YES 15 (Jim Alloway; Frank Phillips; Sean O’Kane; Carolyn Daniel; Mike Diehl; Dennis Vander Linde; Laurie Copolla; Ron Fox; Carissa Kuehn; Mark Chaffin; Pedro Jimenez; Gail Kendall; Dean McGowan; Hal Lymus; Don Yelle)

NO Reply 3 (Nathaniel Roque;  Chris Thompson; Mark Scarberry)

NFD 2 (Michele Scarberry; Jennifer Acevedo)

Motion Carried: July 3, 2016